Cabinet Painting Shreveport LA

We paint kitchen cabinets in the right way

If you have wooden cabinets for years and want to bring them back to their original life and shine, Shreveport Painters Crew is the solution for you. We offer one of the most affordable and usually the fastest way to bring life back to gloomy cabinets. Our revolutionary wood renovation is an innovative, inexpensive cabinet refurbishment service that refurbishes wooden cabinets without the hassle of cleaning and inconvenience associated with dust, fumes, and prolonged-time outside the kitchen.

We offer a painting method covering wood in cabinets, which, unlike traditional painting of cabinets, is difficult to make. We give you a fashionable and completely personalized experience, tailored to what you mean. Our process instantly cures the finish, which means that the work will take a fraction of the time compared to that of competitors. There is no reason to wait for your wardrobes to be renovated at home!


Original, state-of-the-art products designed for work on cabinets.
A cleaning solution developed to remove oil surface contaminants such as oils, greases, waxes, and dirt.
A proprietary sealant designed to neutralize acidic conditions that can cause discoloration over time.
The cabinet underlay is used to block tannins, stains and prevent leaks.
The custom color is made of an acrylic polyurethane compound, which results in strong adhesion that is resistant to chipping and peeling.


Using advanced technology, painter in Shreveport has developed a proprietary Lightspeed® clear coat that is applied and then cured under ultraviolet light.
Lightspeed® has been designed to provide a factory finish for maximum durability.
Ligtspeed® has antimicrobial properties that reduce bacterial growth by 99%, keeping your home healthy for longer.


Clean the cabinets – a non-toxic chemical cleaning process follows to remove oils, greases, waxes, dirt and old finishes.
Prepare and seal – neutralizes the PH level of the wood, which is important to ensure proper adhesion and adhesion.
A primer was used – designed for cabinets that block tannins, stains and prevent leaks.
The custom color used – several layers applied similarly to the process used in factory-finished colored cabinets for high durability.
Lightspeed® application – the top layer is cured with UV light, which provides an immediate finish – without waiting!


Products used by painters are not usually intended for cabinets.
It leaves a waxy build-up that can cause problems with paint sticking to the wood.
Some painters use a wall undercoat instead of a cabinet undercoat, such as the undercoat used by Shreveport Painters Crew, which was developed specifically for cabinets.
The most popular paint used by painters is latex paint, which is intended for use on walls, not on cabinets. These types of products do not adhere well to cabinets and do not provide the same durability as Shreveport Painters Crew products.


Painters often paint cabinets with a bush that can leave brush marks and uneven finish.
Usually, no top layer is applied and the paint on cabinets is exposed to scratches, streaks, chips, and peeling. This makes your cabinets look painted, not the factory finish that Shreveport Painters Crew provides.
Cabinets are allowed to dry outside, which can be a real problem in a high humidity climate or in rooms such as bathrooms. This leaves a new varnish finish susceptible to dust particles, smudges, drips, and fingerprints.


The process varies depending on the painter:
Can clean cabinets
It rarely seals cabinets
If you use an undercoat, it is probably a wall undercoat that does not provide the same durability as the Shreveport Painters Crew cabinet undercoat
The top layer is usually not applied, making the cabinets prone to future damage.
The paint may dry out for several days.

Cabinet color options

Most likely your lockers are still in good physical shape, so why deal with the hassle and cost of replacing them? Cabinet modernization with Shreveport Painters Crew offers an equally radical change in the appearance of cabinets without spending so much time and money. You can use existing wardrobes and give them a new look for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost! We also offer exterior painting in Shreveport LA.

Shreveport Painters Crew offers a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can tailor the final product to your own style with a durable, well-protected finish. We go beyond traditional cabinet painting services, also offering a variety of finishing techniques, each with its own distinct appearance: glazed, aged, shading and more…