House Painting Shreveport LA

For the best home painting in Shreveport, the only company you need to call is Painters Crew, which has been serving Shreveport residents since 1979. Shreveport is known for a variety of weather conditions: wet, cool springs, wet summers, mild ash, and COLD winters. Seasons come and go, and our constantly changing weather conditions are reflected on the outside of your home. Shreveport Painters Crew is coming to the rescue at this point! Regardless of the weather and the condition of your home, we provide the best home painting services available in Shreveport.

To add a new color and years of life to your home, contact us by email or call us. Our painting experts will respond immediately with a free, non-binding quote for painting your home.

This assessment is only the first step. After hiring, our experts will make careful preparations before the brush or roller touches the outside of the house. Our preparatory work includes:

Color tests – You don’t know which color you want? Our professional painters will provide several samples, so you can choose one that is unique to your home and blends well with your area.

Protection – our specialists provide protection for all areas in which they work. Shrubs, shrubs and flower beds are covered, and garden furniture and pots are moved from the work area.

Surface preparation – older homes can have up to 5 to 7 layers of paint, and our specialists will not start painting until the exterior of the house has been carefully prepared. We scrape, among others, all old, loose paints, re-seal windows and doors, seal any cracks, crevices, knots, and seams in wood or siding, mask windows and bricks and replace rotten wood. All this before applying the first drop of paint on the house.

And don’t forget about the interior of your home. We can also do it with the same attention to detail as outside. Inside the preparatory work includes the replacement of wallpapers and wall coverings, repair of walls and ceiling, removal of popcorn ceiling, repair and replacement of doors, and repair and replacement of skirting boards. We know how harmful internal work can be, that’s why our specialists will inform you about our progress every day so that you can plan accordingly.

Our Shreveport home painting services can help you get the new look for the home you are looking for. We also offer commercial painting. A new layer of paint and our home painting services are the best way to transform the interior and appearance of your home. Whether you need to paint the whole house or just want to refresh the paint for the living room thanks to this year’s color of the year, Shreveport Painters Crew home painting services are tailored to all your painting needs.

Shreveport painters you can trust

With Shreveport Painters Crew it is easy to find a highly rated home painter in Shreveport. This is a home painting company that puts you, the customer first, and the result is a fantastic and top-rated Shreveport company. Professional Shreveport home painters will paint your home efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

How our painters from Shreveport work

Shreveport Painters Crew has developed a home painting system in Shreveport that makes it easy to make inexpensive, professional home painting in the desired colors in a very short time. Our Shreveport painters start with a free and immediate online quote. From there, professional painters from Shreveport can start working in just 72 hours. After completing the work related to painting the house, it will be covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.